You Waited So Long to File That Motion. Why Rush the Decision?

The National Organization for Marriage found out that Oregon’s attorney general Ellen Rosenblum wouldn’t defend the state’s definition of marriage as one man and one woman in court back in January with the rest of us.  They knew nobody had filed any friend of the court briefs supporting the state’s ban on marriage equality.  They found out when oral arguments were scheduled to begin with the rest of us.  So why couldn’t they file the motion to intervene more than 48 hours before oral arguments were scheduled to begin?

As an added attempt to endear himself and his organization to the judge, NOM chairman John Eastman sent out a press release where he questioned Judge Michael McShane’s impartiality due to the fact that he is an openly gay judge.

Judge McShane has decided to continue with oral arguments as scheduled.  He will consider NOM’s motion and will hold oral arguments for that issue on May 14th.

Federal Judge Tells Anti-Gay Group: No, We Won’t Delay Tomorrow’s Case Just For You – The New Civil Rights Movement

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