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Wow. Those Gays Will Celebrate Anything

April  15, 2014 is a day that will go down in New York’s LGBT history.  Did we form another kickline?  Did someone super important come out of the closet?  No.  If you’re legally married in New York, you can pay your federal and state taxes jointly just like the straight people!

Officials Detail New Tax Laws Affecting Gay Married Couples in NY – Time Warner Cable News

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If Each Couple is Only Two People, How Come They Need to File Five Tax Returns?

You got married in another state but you and your husband live in Indiana?  Congratulations!  You get to file one joint federal tax return, then two dummy federal returns as single people so you can file your two individual state tax returns.  Yeah.  I would’ve rather gotten a blender or silk flower arrangement or something as a wedding gift from the state  instead of extra paperwork too.

Indiana Gay Married Couples Could Pay More For Tax Filings

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