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Michigan Gets Sued for not Recognizing Marriages its Governor Says Are Legal. Go Figure.

Eight same sex couples who got married when it was legal in Michigan have now sued the state with the help of the ACLU, including a couple with ten adopted children and three foster children and the first same-sex couple to get married in Michigan

ACLU Sues Michigan, Wants 300 Gay Marriages Recognized – CBS

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The Federal Government Says These Guys Are Married Even if Michigan Says They Aren’t

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said that the couples that were able to get married in Michigan during the brief period between the state’s ban on marriage equality being found unconstitutional and the state getting the stay on the ruling issued will have their marriages recognized by the federal government.

Holder Says Feds Will Recognize Michigan Gay Marriages Despite State Decision – Fox News

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State of Unions in Michigan

Michigan bans same-sex marriage by both constitutional amendment and state law.

The amendment to Michigan’s constitution was found to be unconstitutional by a federal judge, and the decision is on appeal to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The ruling finding the constitutional ban unconstitutional has been stayed until the appeal has been heard

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