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NOM is Still Having a Bad Month

It looks like Maine’s ethics panel didn’t buy the fact that Brian Brown just happened to be the executive director for NOM in 2009 and on the committee that led the Stand for Marriage Maine PAC and that NOM just happened to provide almost two thirds of the funding for the political action committee.  NOM was fined $50,250 as a result of failing to properly register as a ballot question committee.  NOM thought they were getting around a law requiring them to register and disclose the names of their donors because they didn’t let donors tell them that they wanted to use the funds to influence voting on a ballot question.  Investigators for the ethics panel found that NOM “intentionally set up its fundraising strategy to avoid disclosure laws”  NOM plans to appeal the fine, probably because they feel like they haven’t lost enough this month.  Litigation could go on for another year.

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