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Judge to Florida Family Association: “I Don’t Like It” Doesn’t Make You an Honorary Defendant

District court Judge Robert Hinkle rejected a motion to intervene as a defendant from the Florida Family Association, saying “FFA’s generalized interest in opposing same-sex marriage does not entitle FFA to intervene.”  The judge also found that the FFA’s lawyers had failed to cite a federal statute entitling them to intervene.

Hinkle also consolidated two challenges to Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage into a single case.

Florida Family Association Will Not Be Allowed to Intervene in Gay Marriage Cases – Gay Star News

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Tennessee Is Back to Pretending Those Marriages Didn’t Happen

On Friday, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals put a U.S. District Court judge’s temporary injunction that forced Tennessee to recognize the marriages of three same-sex couples on hold.  This means that the plaintiffs are back to having marriages that are recognized by the federal government, but not the state of Tennessee.

The 6th Circuit Court cited the fact that “the law in this area is so unsettled,” referring to the fact that all four states in the 6th Circuit are facing lawsuits related to their laws regarding same-sex marriage.

Same-Sex Marriages in Tenn. Case Again Invalid – ABC News

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North Carolina ministers’ faith-based challenge to marriage laws

Christian conservatives aren’t the only people who have First Amendment rights.  A group of ministers from the United Church of Christ have sued the state of North Carolina, claiming that laws prohibiting same-sex marriage stop them from practicing their religion.

United Church of Christ Sues over NC Ban on Same-Sex Marriage – Charlotte Observer

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South Dakota Couple Makes it Official so Everyone Can Get Hitched

A Rapid City, SD lesbian couple of 27 years is planning on getting married by the mayor of Minneapolis on Saturday, then returning to South Dakota to join a class action lawsuit that will bring the number of states that haven’t had some sort of same-sex marriage lawsuit filed against them down to three.

 South Dakota to Get First Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit – The New Civil Rights Movement

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Federal Judge to Ohio: You Better Recognize!

Judge Timothy Black has ruled that Ohio must recognize gay marriages performed in another state where they’re legal.  He has indicated that he is likely to stay his ruling pending appeal.  The good news is, there’s a good possibility that all four plaintiff couples will be treated as married in the meantime.  Everyone else would have to wait until the appeal.

Judge to Ohio: Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriage – ABC News

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Michigan Gets Sued for not Recognizing Marriages its Governor Says Are Legal. Go Figure.

Eight same sex couples who got married when it was legal in Michigan have now sued the state with the help of the ACLU, including a couple with ten adopted children and three foster children and the first same-sex couple to get married in Michigan

ACLU Sues Michigan, Wants 300 Gay Marriages Recognized – CBS

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Utah Removes Debunked Study From Their Brief. So Why is There Still a Case?

After seeing Mark Regnerus’s study metaphorically ripped to shreds and used to line his birdcage by a Michigan judge who called it “entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration” lawyers from Utah decided to remove it from their brief in their appeal.  More importantly, how could anyone with such ghastly facial hair ever be taken seriously?

Utah Gay Marriage Opponents Drop Debunked Research, Reduce Argument to Gibberish – Slate

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