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At Least Florida’s Anti Equality AG Looks Hot in Her Underwear


I mention this because Pam Bondi’s response to a lawsuit challenging Florida’s anti-equality laws doesn’t really raise any new arguments or give us anything we haven’t heard over and over (and over and over and over) again.  She just wants the case thrown out.

She feels that if two men or two women marry each other in another state and Florida is forced to recognize those marriages it will “impose significant public harm”  She raises the tired “Won’t someone please think of the children?” argument claiming that society “has a legitimate interest in increasing the likelihood that children will be born to and raised by the mothers and fathers who produced them in stable and enduring family units”  Bondi is on her third marriage currently, so she knows all about those.  She also claims that Florida will suffer financially if it is forced to pay all these pensions and benefits people have been working for.

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FAU Student’s Marriage Equality Case Makes it to Appeals Court

Gildas Dousset, a Florida Atlantic University student, filed an appeal in Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals on Wednesday.  He married his husband in Massachusetts in 2013, and when he applied for in-state tuition, he was told that the school was prohibited from recognizing his marriage, and that he would have to pay out-of-state tuition rates.  With FAU’s current tuition, 120 credit hours will cost $62,226 more for an out-of-state student.

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Judge to Florida Family Association: “I Don’t Like It” Doesn’t Make You an Honorary Defendant

District court Judge Robert Hinkle rejected a motion to intervene as a defendant from the Florida Family Association, saying “FFA’s generalized interest in opposing same-sex marriage does not entitle FFA to intervene.”  The judge also found that the FFA’s lawyers had failed to cite a federal statute entitling them to intervene.

Hinkle also consolidated two challenges to Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage into a single case.

Florida Family Association Will Not Be Allowed to Intervene in Gay Marriage Cases – Gay Star News

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New Poll Shows 56 Percent of Voters Approve Marriage Equality

A new poll released by Quinnipiac University found that 56 percent of Florida voters support allowing same-sex couples to marry.  The only age group that did not support marriage equality was voters over the age of 65, who were divided with 45 percent in favor and 49 percent opposed.  Support was slightly higher among women.

The poll also showed Charlie Crist having a 48 to 38 percent lead over incumbent Governor Rick Scott.

Quinnipiac Poll: Crist Leads Scott, Florida Voters Back Gay Marriage – Bay News 9

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Florida’s Gay Marriage Ban Won’t Even Let These Ladies End Their Marriage!

Some states are so against the idea of two people of the same sex being married that they don’t even want them to be all “We want to end this marriage” because that would involve admitting it’s there in the first place.  What are a couple of ladies who pretty much have their entire divorce figured out and just need the state to say “Ok. You aren’t married any more” to do?  Sue Florida like all those other couples did.

Tampa Couple’s Divorce Could Challenge Same-Sex Marriage Ban – Tampa Bay Times

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Equality Florida

Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.  They have information on adoption issues, discrimination against the LGBT community, family recognition/marriage equality, hate crimes, student safety and GSA programs in schools, and voter mobilization



P.O. Box 13184

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

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