Marriage is Back On in Two Arkansas Counties

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza revised his ruling today, declaring that a law that prohibited county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples was just as unconstitutional as laws that prohibited gay marriage.  Pulaski County issued eleven licenses between the ruling and the close of business, while Washington County will resume giving licenses out tomorrow.  Four other counties are waiting to hear from their lawyers or the state Supreme Court before issuing licenses again.

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has asked the state Supreme Court for an emergency order to stop all this homomarryin’ despite his personal belief that same-sex couples deserve the right to get married.  Lawyers for gay couples have until noon to respond.

The state Health Department said it would no longer change birth certificates if both parents in same-sex couple want to be listed as parents while Piazza’s rule is being reviewed.

Legislators in Arkansas seem to have moved on from trying to impeach Piazza to discussing a non-binding resolution asking the state Supreme Court to keep the ban on gay marriage in place.

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