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And Now Some Shameless Eye Candy

We here at Men4Marriage believe that there are many facets to being gay and many reasons for coming to our site.  Maybe some of you came here because you’re looking for a husband.  Maybe you’re wanting to find out what you can do in your state to help secure the right to marry the man of your dreams.  Thanks to modern technology (read: our research intern being able to type “Hugh Jackman shirtless” into a search engine)  we would like to present something everyone can agree on: hot and/or half naked guys who play mutants!

Daniel Cudmore/Colossus

Despite being one of the more popular mutants, Colossus hasn’t gotten very many lines in the movies so far.  I’m okay with that, because when you look that good in your boxers, you really don’t need to say anything.  Just turn into metal and throw those soldiers through a wall.  Here’s Daniel Cudmore looking all scruffy and English professor-like with his glasses:


…and here’s him in a picture from that Twilight movie apparently after he washed the vampire glitter or whatever that stuff is off


Shawn Ashmore/Iceman

Oh, Bobby Drake, how you’ve grown up.  You looked all young and twinkish when you gave Rogue that rose made out of ice in the first movie and when you snuck out of the mansion in the middle of the night with Kitty Pryde, but then you grew facial and chest hair and started shooting scenes like this one.

shawn ashmore shirtless breaking the girls

and then you made me proud to be Canadian despite the fact I live in Florida


Hugh Jackman/Wolverine

Not only does Hugh Jackman look good half naked and wet, could you imagine how that whole berserker rage thing Wolverine has going on would apply in the bedroom?





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