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Yeah, Because What’s Happening in Indiana Looks Real Appealing Right Now

On Tuesday, Arkansas lawmakers approved legislation similar to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Reform Act.  What’s the big difference between Arkansas’s would-be new law and Indiana’s, you may ask?  While you really are safe from discrimination if you happen to be in one of the four cities or two counties in Indiana that consider LGBT people a protected class, you aren’t safe anywhere in Arkansas!  Last month Governor Hutchinson allowed legislation to become law that prohibited any local anti-discrimination ordinances protecting LGBT individuals.  The Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, retail giant Walmart, and democrats who have been paying remote attention to America’s reaction to Indiana’s law have all voiced concern about the bill.  I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t think anyone takes trips to Arkansas, because Hutchinson has said that he will sign the bill.


Breaking news: Just kidding! Governor Hutchinson has announced that he would like the Arkansas legislature to recall the bill, and that he will not sign it in its current form

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At Least Florida’s Anti Equality AG Looks Hot in Her Underwear


I mention this because Pam Bondi’s response to a lawsuit challenging Florida’s anti-equality laws doesn’t really raise any new arguments or give us anything we haven’t heard over and over (and over and over and over) again.  She just wants the case thrown out.

She feels that if two men or two women marry each other in another state and Florida is forced to recognize those marriages it will “impose significant public harm”  She raises the tired “Won’t someone please think of the children?” argument claiming that society “has a legitimate interest in increasing the likelihood that children will be born to and raised by the mothers and fathers who produced them in stable and enduring family units”  Bondi is on her third marriage currently, so she knows all about those.  She also claims that Florida will suffer financially if it is forced to pay all these pensions and benefits people have been working for.

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NOM is Still Having a Bad Month

It looks like Maine’s ethics panel didn’t buy the fact that Brian Brown just happened to be the executive director for NOM in 2009 and on the committee that led the Stand for Marriage Maine PAC and that NOM just happened to provide almost two thirds of the funding for the political action committee.  NOM was fined $50,250 as a result of failing to properly register as a ballot question committee.  NOM thought they were getting around a law requiring them to register and disclose the names of their donors because they didn’t let donors tell them that they wanted to use the funds to influence voting on a ballot question.  Investigators for the ethics panel found that NOM “intentionally set up its fundraising strategy to avoid disclosure laws”  NOM plans to appeal the fine, probably because they feel like they haven’t lost enough this month.  Litigation could go on for another year.

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All Pennsylvanians Can Really Get Married Now

At 8:30 Wednesday morning, Montgomery County in Pennsylvania began issuing marriage licenses again.  They were the first county to allow same-sex couples to marry, but a court order prevented them from doing so even after Governor Tom Corbett declined to appeal a ruling overturning Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage until today.  All of the marriage licenses the county had issued before are still valid.

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Pennsylvania Governor Won’t Appeal Equality Decision

Who would have thought a GOP politician could COMPLETELY make my day without saying something so ludicrous that I would be curled up in the fetal position holding my sides and laughing for ten minutes?  (I’m looking at you, Mike Huckabee)  Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has announced that he will not be appealing a ruling in Whitewood v. Wolf striking down Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban.  Had he appealed, I would have been forced to do actual work like finding out whether these marriage licenses they’ve been handing out will be good in three days when the couples can actually get married.  Also, all these couples can get married in three days instead of wondering if they should put those deposits down yet.

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Ben Milano-Chase Weinhandl-Montana

The Dakotas Have a Lot in Common

They’re both rectangularish states in the northern part of the country.  They both have Dakota in their name.  And now, thanks to four plaintiff couples that are either unmarried or married in other locations and the Montana ACLU, they’re the only two states with gay marriage bans that aren’t being challenged by a lawsuit.  The federal suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Great Falls, Montana today.  We would like to extend a special thanks to one of the couples, Ben Milano and Chase Weinhandl of Bozeman, Montana, for completely destroying our research intern’s productivity, as he’s been drooling over that picture of them looking scrumptious in the woods for the last 45 minutes.

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And Now Some Shameless Eye Candy

We here at Men4Marriage believe that there are many facets to being gay and many reasons for coming to our site.  Maybe some of you came here because you’re looking for a husband.  Maybe you’re wanting to find out what you can do in your state to help secure the right to marry the man of your dreams.  Thanks to modern technology (read: our research intern being able to type “Hugh Jackman shirtless” into a search engine)  we would like to present something everyone can agree on: hot and/or half naked guys who play mutants!

Daniel Cudmore/Colossus

Despite being one of the more popular mutants, Colossus hasn’t gotten very many lines in the movies so far.  I’m okay with that, because when you look that good in your boxers, you really don’t need to say anything.  Just turn into metal and throw those soldiers through a wall.  Here’s Daniel Cudmore looking all scruffy and English professor-like with his glasses:


…and here’s him in a picture from that Twilight movie apparently after he washed the vampire glitter or whatever that stuff is off


Shawn Ashmore/Iceman

Oh, Bobby Drake, how you’ve grown up.  You looked all young and twinkish when you gave Rogue that rose made out of ice in the first movie and when you snuck out of the mansion in the middle of the night with Kitty Pryde, but then you grew facial and chest hair and started shooting scenes like this one.

shawn ashmore shirtless breaking the girls

and then you made me proud to be Canadian despite the fact I live in Florida


Hugh Jackman/Wolverine

Not only does Hugh Jackman look good half naked and wet, could you imagine how that whole berserker rage thing Wolverine has going on would apply in the bedroom?





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Oregon Gets Its Happy Ending

After a case where the defendants became plaintiffs and everybody kept telling NOM that they really weren’t interested in hearing what they had to say, Judge Michael McShane declared Oregon’s bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional today.  Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum declined to appeal the case, so Oregon is now the 18th state with marriage equality.  Pastors were on hand at the courthouse so couples could get married as soon as the order was issued.

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